Watch for new small groups to begin in June!


February 26 - April 9, 2017

Meditating in Stressful Times: Meditation as a Foundation for Social Action

Larry Thomas and Alex Mason

Mezzanine Classroom on Sundays, 9:30am-10:15am

“If you work for good causes but you do it out of anger and frustration and guilt—and all of those other motivations I’ve seen among activists I’ve worked with—you will burn out. But if that same compassion and care comes instead from the power of love and steadiness and a deep devotion to what is just and right, it has equal if not greater power.”* This small group will explore meditation as a foundation for social action, but it is offered to anyone who needs to quiet the mind and heart. Join us as we explore meditations on relaxation, kindness, and compassion as ways to listen to what really matters.  This group is open to everyone; no experience in meditation is required. You may sign up here!

*Attributed to Jack Kornfield

Que(e)rying Christian Faith and Theology

Jay Simanovich and Pastor Elyse Ambrose

LGBT Center (208 W 13th St.) on Sundays, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Join us in this exploration of queer persons' relationships to ourselves and the Divine, and the indispensable gifts we offer to Christian community. In this small group, we query this Christian religious path that has been both liberating and oppressive for many queer people. We ask the questions so many of us have been taught not to ask, and we do so from our own stories as queer people of faith. Join us by signing up here.


COTV Choir

Jorge Lockward, Katie Reimer, and Nehemiah Luckett

Rehearsals on Thursdays, 6:45pm-8:15pm (Russell Chapel) and Sundays, 9:30am-10:15am (Sanctuary). 

Participants lead in the Sunday worship service 10:30am-noon.

The one who sings...prays twice*. Not your regular church choir, this small group explores and engages the spiritualities behind the music we sing in worship and the communities that gave them birth. Sight-singing and vocal technique will be built into each rehearsal. Reach out to Nehemiah ( if you have any questions, and sign up here.

*Attributed to St. Augustine

Doing Progressive (Non-Scary) Evangelism

Scott Sprunger and Pastor Jeff Wells

Mezzanine Classroom on Thursdays, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Many Christians would rather have a root canal than think about evangelism. In our conversations, we will attempt to reclaim and redeem evangelism from the bad rap is has gotten due to some conservative Christian theology and practice. We’ll talk about the ways evangelism has been used to scare people and push them away from God. We will explore what it means for progressive Christians to share our experience of God and community with others in a non-scary, invitational way. We will pose and try to answer questions like: “Without hell, what is the motivation for evangelism?” “How do you talk about your faith with others?” “How can we  share something so important to us without being insensitive or hurtful?” We will also think creatively about how evangelism can be done in ways that promote justice, respect, love, and radical inclusivity. Join us by signing up here!

Together in Prayer

Martha Chapman, Louise Fawcett, and Anne Hughes-Hinnen

Call-in on Thursdays, noon-12:45pm

Together in Prayer offers the opportunity to meet via phone from wherever we may be! What a way to reconnect with our church family midday, midweek! We are a small group who join together, to pray together and build our relationships with others in the Church of the Village. We check-in with each other, share our gratitude and prayer concerns, and have a centering reading and reflection led by a new participant each week, as they feel comfortable. We close as the group leader leads us in prayer, and welcome voices to add more prayer as they so choose. You are invited to join us here!