Group 2: Beyond the Walls: Faith and Race Tuesday Nights,

Pastor Elyse Ambrose and Rev. Dr. Gerald Liu

When? Tuesdays, 7:30pm-8:30pm  

Where? Manhattan West Side

What? What does it mean to have a relevant Christianity that addresses social issues that affect real lives each day? How can a church affect change outside of its four walls? Using sample readings from a variety of sources, including Howard Thurman, Kandice Chuh, Rosa Clemente, Kara Walker, and Jesus (to name a few), this small group thinks of church beyond the walls: not only in terms of meeting space, but subject matter. Beyond the Walls journeys with a theological lens beyond the black-white binary, and takes a multidimensional look at an issue affecting our country and world in an especially significant way in this time: racism.

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