Letting Go

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”  
– Havelock Ellis

Living well and fully takes practice and requires that we regularly practice letting go of things that hold us back, of anxiety and worry even as we continue to strive for love and justice, and of the illusion that through our individual or communal efforts, we can determine outcomes. Sometimes, we also need to let go of behaviors, ways of being, or beliefs that have been very important to us in order to open ourselves to new possibilities and ways God is leading us. Below are suggestions for moving toward a regular practice of letting go. Consider engaging one or more of these practices through the week.

·      Reflect on what you feel called to and on concerns about which you are passionate. Pray with gratitude for the opportunities you have to promote love and justice in the world, while asking for the ability to let go of worry and anxiety about failure or inadequacy and a release from the need for specific outcomes.

·      Is there a job, an ideology, a way of being in the world that has been important to you, but may no longer be life-giving and may even feel like it is holding you back from something you are feeling called to? Spend time meditating and praying on what it might feel like and what it could mean in your life to let go of it.

·      In the midst of your activities and your striving, notice when worry, anxiety, or feelings of fear or inadequacy are distracting you and try to take time to breath deeply, be mindful of the moment, and remember that you are deeply loved.

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