Easter Sunday 2012

On behalf of the entire community of The Church of the Village: Welcome Home!

At The Church of the Village we are creating a diverse and dynamic community centered in Christ’s message of love, justice and courage to transform the world.

Here we celebrate being God’s children in all our diversity. We celebrate in all our goodness, sinfulness, colors, ages, economic statuses, levels of ability, sexual orientations, gender identities, heights, weights, styles of dress, and spiritual journeys.

Whether you are visiting us for the first time, a regular attender, or even just thinking about trying us out—All are welcome in God’s house.

If you are searching for a safe place to explore spiritual life…

If you are looking for a loving Christian community that affirms lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and families….

If you desire to follow Christ with your soul AND your mind AND your body…

If you believe that God calls us to transform the world for love and justice…

…then we hope you will check out our website, visit us on Sunday, and/or send an email to one of us.


Pastor Jeff and Pastor Vicki